This year we are continuing with a championship for road bikes which will be run with the same format as last year: only road racing legal machinery allowed so no very deep section rims, disc wheels or tri bars and no aero helmets: you and your bike must be legal for a road race.  
As usual points will be scored as last year for Scratch, Handicap, Vets on standard and Road with the twelve best performances counting for the various championships.
Members should note that to be eligible for any award they must officiate at two events. This can be done by posting on the club forum here and the TT Marshals Rota page will be updated when possible.

     Date                          Course                              Alternative

10/05/2017         K8/10T  Ryeland Lane          K22/11    Great Witley     

17/05/2017         K22/11  Great Witley             K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

24/05/2017         K22/14   Pearl Lane              K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

31/05/2017         K8/10T   Ryeland Lane         K22/11    Great Witley     

07/06/2017         K22/11   Great Witley            K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

14/06/2017         K22/14   Pearl Lane               K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

21/06/2017         K8/10T   Ryeland Lane          K22/11    Great Witley

28/06/2017         K22/11   Great Witley             K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

05/07/2017         K22/14    Pearl Lane              K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

12/07/2017         K8/10T   Ryeland Lane          K22/11    Great Witley

19/07/2017         K22/11   Great Witley             K8/10T   Ryeland Lane

26/07/2017         K22/14    Pearl Lane               K8/10T   Ryeland Lane

02/08/2017         K8/10T   Ryeland Lane           K22/11   Great Witley

09/08/2017         K22/11   Great Witley             K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

16/08/2017         K22/14   Pearl Lane                K8/10T    Ryeland Lane

23/08/2017         K8/10T   Ryeland Lane           K22/11    Great Witley

01/10/2017       H13        Shelsley Walsh                                               Hill climb championship